Business Development (BD) ensures that all ENORPA's main and sub-units work in coordination and order with each other. This coordination and order creates 100% satisfaction guarantee for customers.

The market research, analysis of market needs, need-based product development and establishment, investigation of product financing sources, customer identification for needs, product promotion, product marketing, purchasing, production, quality management, logistics, assembly, commissioning, mentoring, after-sales service, periodic maintenance and the revision of requests of the customers are all in the possession of business development.

Since ENORPA aims to increase rivalry and market share while doing business development facilities, it attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Because as ENORPA we are sure that, happy customers will lead us to all our short and long-term goals as quickly as possible. We ensure that the targets we set today will continue to increase exponentially every next day and these targets will make ENORPA more powerful than it is now.