Greenhouse Heating System and Greenhouse Boilers

31 December 2017

Greenhouse Heating Boilers

            Greenhouse heating boilers; high capacity heating boilers for agricultural enterprises which are also known as undergrowth cultivation, which produce vegetables and fruits in greenhouses . In general, greenhouse heating boilers are among hot water boiler groups but are stronger and larger than a normal hot water boiler. Greenhouse heating boilers are manufactured with a strong construction and heat transfer in order to meet the heat traction . Greenhouse heating boilers can be designed to heat the greenhouse to + 20 ° C in cold winter days at temperatures down to -55 ° C. Greenhouse heating boilers consume fuel types like coal, biomass, pellet, natural gas, diesel, olive pomace and most other fuel in the solid-liquid-gas phase.

            Greenhouse Heating Installations

              Greenhouse heating systems are mechanical installations specially designed according to the capacity of greenhouse heating boilers and the greenhouse heat requirement. In greenhouse heating installations, much more specific and precise projecting is required than a normal space heating. The most difficult climatic conditions and mechanical conditions are considered when designing greenhouse heating systems. Because greenhouse installations that do not work even for a single night can destroy millions of dollars of investment in a few hours. In greenhouse heating installations, hot water is usually used as fluid. It circulates the hot water produced by the hot water boilers through  the main important spots in the greenhouse and performs bringing the greenhouse to the desired temperature value in full automation.