Chalcedony Series Solid Fired Hot Water Boilers With Stoker & Double Furnace
Scotch Type, 3-Pass, Double-Furnace, In accordance with TS – 12953, TS – 497, ASME BPVC standards and 97/23/AT , 97/23/EC PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)

Chalcedony Series Double-Furnace Hot Water Boilers are designed as solid fired. With the help of its high efficiency design and 2 combustion chambers, Chalcedony Series Double-Furnace Hot Water Boiler provides good amount of fuel save since it can be operated half capacity when needed. Chalcedony Series boiler, which has two stokers in the design, allows working in a redundant manner. Production can be made according to different pressure values. Chalcedony Series Double-Furnace Hot Water Boiler offers a wide range of fuel options such as 0 – 25 mm size coal, prina, pellet, sawdust and more. Cyclone (flue dust catcher) and flue gas fan systems, which have up to 94% efficiency, are presented standard in the system. By virtue of its cylindrical design, it is affected minimally from sediment and lime in water. Chalcedony Series Double-Furnace Hot Water Boiler is produced entirely by domestic materials and workmanship because of this the product is very durable.

Capacity Range 1.744 kW to 2.907 kW
Boiler Type 3 Pass - Double Pot - Scotch Type
Fuel Type 0 - 25 mm size coal - prina - pellet - sawdust and so on.
Sheet Quality S235JR TS EN 10025-2
Pipe Quality P235GH TS EN 10027-2
Max. Operating Temperature 130 ° C
Max Operating Pressure 3 Bar
Design Standards TS - 12953; TS - 497; 97/23 / EC; 97/23 / EC
Yield Thermal Yield to 91%
Insulation 80 mm Glass Wool
Body 1 mm DKP Body or Aluminum Embosser
Paint Electrostatic Polyester Powder Paint