HAS Series Hot Air Generator
“Everybody Deserves Professional Heating” Casette-Type, 2000 m2 3000 m2 and 4000 m2 Auto-Feed Hot Air Generator

With the motto “Everybody Deserves Professional Heating” HAS Series Hot Air Generators are designed for 2000 m2 3000 m2 and 4000 m2 areas. You may use HAS Series in your greenhouses, poultry farms, mushroom cultivation facilities, factories, hangars and warehouses. HAS Series Hot Air Generator is designed as cassette type. Thanks to its automatic feeding feature, HAS Series Hot Air Generator saves you from the trouble of loading coal. Hot air outlets can optionally be provided with a HDPE Canvas or stovepipe.

Capacity Range 2 - 3 - 4 Turns
Seralar Boiler Type
Automatic Coal Loading; Cassette Type; Hot Air Blown Sheet Quality
S235JR TS EN 10025-2 Hot Air Distribution Lines
1100/450 Denye Branda; Galvanized Sheet Duct; Stove Pipe Insulation
50 mm Glass Wool Housing
0.8 mm DKP Housing Paint
Electrostatic Polyester Powder Paint