HAS Turbo Series Hot Air Generator
Suitable for greenhouses, poultry farms, mushroom cultivation facilities, factories, hangars and warehouses heating. Double-Stoker, Double Fan- 3-Pass, Solid Fired, Hot Air Generator

HAS Turbo Series Double-Stoker Generators can be operated as half capacity at times when the air temperature is not too low. The boiler does not need full capacity operation by the help of this double stoker system. Means that, in case of any reducer malfunction or spiral jam that may occur, the boiler keeps burning from other stoker and continues heating the greenhouse. Has Turbo Series spills down the ash to the bottom that is formed as a result of combustion in our boilers so that HAS Turbo Series Double-Stoker Boiler does not require continuous ash cleaning.

Capacity Range 233 kW to 1.163 kW
Boiler Type 3 Passes; Double Pot
Sheet Quality S235JR TS EN 10025-2
Pipe Quality P235GH TS EN 10027-2
Air Outlet Temperature 100 ° C
Yield Thermal Yield to 91%
Insulation 80 mm Glass Wool
Housing 1 mm DKP Housing
Paint Electrostatic Polyester Powder Paint