Jasper Series Liquid - Gas Fired Steam Generator
Liquid/Gas Fired, Water Pipe Serpentined, 3-Pass, CE Certified, In accordance with TS –12952 standards and 2014/68/EU PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)

During the time that JASPER SERIES Steam Generators are produced, optimum thermal construction and the least damaging eco-friendly carbon monoxide emissions are taken into consideration. The serpentine designs are applied which enable minimizing thermal expansion of the boilers exposed to high temperatures. There is a 3-pass serpentine structure that allows the generation of industrial steam to be produced in the fastest way (2 to 5 minutes). JASPER SERIES Steam Generator responds instant steam needs well. Production can be made according to different pressure values. Steam separator enables it to produce steam at 96% dryness. JASPER SERIES Steam Generator has safety equipment and other equipage suitable for risk analysis. JASPER SERIES Steam Generator is produced entirely by domestic materials and workmanship because of this the product is very durable.

Capacity Range 349 kW to 2.093 kW
Boiler Type 3 Pass - Serpentine
Fuel Type Liquid - Gas Fuel
Pipe Quality SRM Pipe
Design Standards CE Certified; TS-12952 and 2014/68 / EU
Yield Thermal Yield to 91%
Insulation 100 mm Glass Wool
Housing 1 mm DKP Housing or Aluminum Embossed Sheet
Paint Electrostatic Polyester Powder Paint